Package design: PLOT 44

Bold typography (flowery type for jams, hand drawn for relishes and san-serif for chutneys) in a simple, yet versatile grid of content specific colour blocks that make up each label. This grid is also used on banners,

business cards and the website.

“Handmade in ridiculously small batches” The slogan that sums up Plot 44 (the name references the original allotment plot) and appears on all labels and marketing.

Wall art

Initially I made a pastiche GWR railway poster to decorate a Brixham rental property (opposite Brixham railway station). This followed a commission for a local cafe. I am now producing A4 posters for sale at Bertie and Crew in Brixham - including a Hockney pastiche.

To buy the Gig Rowing poster below, A2 size,  contact me here:

Magazine Design: BAA

Heathrow People

A magazine for Heathrow front-line staff.

Research showed that staff didn’t want a slick magazine in which management-led stories told them how wonderful Heathrow was. Unashamedly copying the style of the tabloids, Heathrow People was a brash, staff-led paper that addressed the problems head-on.

Printed on newsprint, the paper had big punchy headlines,  stories reversed out, ridiculously busy layouts and black and white images all faithfully mimicking the tabloid style.

All that was missing was a page 3 girl.

Magazine Design: Bounty

Publications refresh

Within each of the ‘Bounty Packs’ given to mums-to-be in hospitals is a comprehensive, 146 page guide on what to expect from ‘Bump to birth & beyond’.

With over half a million copies of the first guide alone being distributed, there was a need to update a rather clinical booklet into a stylish magazine in order to grab the attention of the digitally-savvy young mum – and new advertisers.

Links were added throughout the guides directing the reader to pages on the Bounty website – visually highlighted by an iPad or iPhone showing the  page.

Brochure Design: Bounty

A staff induction manual for 'Bounty Ladies'.

Distinguished in hospitals by their bright pink blouses. This vitally important aspect of their appearance was used as a wrap-around cover for the book. The embroidered Bounty logo on the blouse becoming  the logo on the cover of the book.

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